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Diccuric (Mod)

Diccuric should be our first mod, but the island managed to be released before. Moreover, we planed to create a multipart mod, but we changed our mind to create a whole game instead.
After more than two years, we finally completed Diccuric and you can get it at our downloads. Diccuric offers a new story and a new world. Benjamin Bezold, editor at the German magazine PC Action, concludes an article with "finally a reason to install Gothic again" and awards Diccuric with "PC Action Super-Mod".
There was a birthday edition of Gothic in Russia, which includes a fully localized version of Diccuric. Here are two pictures of the DVD-box: picture 1, picture 2.
Here is a short introduction to the story:

Many years have passed since handshakes were made to proof the unions of freedom. They were fullfilled with promises to give Gatyah and his king Engeram freedom. But this land is not yet a peaceful place.
Who could expect what was going on in Etain, the most solitaried place of the kingdom? Engeram lost sight of Etain: He and his people's gross look at it as an unsociable and dead piece of earth.
Nobody expected, that a dangerous guy called Berengar could come to this place.
The king and his people never got a lore, that Berengar made Parthalan, a run-down stronghold, habitable again with his gaggle of thieves, chiselers and magicians.
The boy Ardaric has grown up in the middle of this gaggle. Berengar took this orphaned boy in his place and gave him a place in his mob as an adjunct.
Meanwhile, here is a lot to explore for Ardaric, because at Parthalan, the blacksmiths' sledges move, the swordmen train in the arena daily and at the shooting stand, the archers' arrows fly through the air.
Aradric knows that it is because of revenge. Berengar's fierceness pushes all those people as he wants to dispossess the king.
Ardaric is willing to fight at Berengar's side, but he is young and does not guess what somebody can do, who acts on revenge and hate.
But what will happen, when his young heart realizes what is happening at Parthalan? Wherefore will he decide? It is your task to explore...

This modification offers:
- A new story
- New territorities
- New runes
- New abilities
- New animations
...and much more! Let yourselves be surprised!

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