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Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the requirements of Diccuric?
A: The requirements are between Gothic I and Gothic II.

Q:Does Diccuric have a voice output?
A: Yes, there is a German one. It must be downloaded as a seperate file and is avaiable in two different qualities.

Q: Will there be more languages of Diccuric than German?
A: Yes, a German, Russian and English (beta) version are already avaiable. Even an Italian one is under development. The translation and recording of voice files depends on the translators. In Russia, there is a birthday edition of Gothic 1 avaiable, including a second translation with voice files.

Q: I have still a 56k modem or ISDN. Is there a smaller edition of Diccuric for me?
A: The mod itself is about 100 Mbyte. The second, about 300 MByte speech file is German only and optional. Moreover, there was a release on a German magazine, called PC Action (issue 06/2004). For those guys speaking Russian: In Russia, there is a Gothic Version including a fully localised version of Diccuric.

Q: How to install a mod?
A: First you must get the Gothic Player Modkit. You can grab it at our downloads. Please make sure, that you have got a current playerkit. After installing the modkit, just run the installer of the mod or extract it and place the .ini file into gothic/system and the .mod files into gothic/data/modvdfs. After that, run the Gothicstarter and select the mod.

Q: Diccuric - A Gothic 1 or 2 Mod?
A: Diccuric was released for Gothic 1. The conversion to Gothic2 was abandoned for time reasons.

Q: In which order I must install Diccuric?
A: First of all, you should install the Playerkit. After that, install the base file (gothic_setup.exe), the speechfile (if you want to use it) and finally the patches. If you do not care about the order, the patch(es) will not be loaded!

Q: I am starting in the Gothic 1 world?!?
A: Your playerkit is too old. Get a new one.

Q: The new world is empty. Where are the npcs?
A: You must use the Gothicstarter to launch mods. If still all npcs are missing, please click on Mod Development and make sure, that there is no box checked.

F: Gothic complains, that it is impossible to find every file. What's the matter?
A: There are different reasons known. One the one hand, you must ensure, that you use the Gothicstarter to launch mods. Moreover, you must remove every checked box in the development section. On the other hand, you must check, if the mod files of Diccuric (beginning with dic) are installed in gothic/data or gothic/data/modvdfs. If not, you should reinstall Diccuric. Another reason may be, that your vdfs.cfg file is incomplete. Just add the line "data\*.MOD", if it is missing. A last possibility is, that your forgot to install the main file (Diccuric_Setup.exe), which is not included in the speechfiles setup. Here you must download it and install all in the right order.

Q: Diccuric hangs up so often. Why?
A: The Hardwaresound support of Gothic is not the best. Try the sodtware modus (Miles fast). If your system has less than 512 Mbyte RAM, you should play without nature animations (you can select this only in the starter). If there are problems with graphics, you should try patch 1.8k of Gothic. You should try to update DirectX and your graphic card drivers.

Q: Why should I insert the Gothic disc, even when it is in my CD drive?
A: You did a downgrade of Gothic. The budget version does not need a patch. You should reinstall everything. Patch 1.08k is the only one you should apply, if there are problems with your graphic card.

Q: There is a book shelf in the magicians' cave. I can not take it into the focus?
A: There were some technical problems, when we developed Diccuric. It was impossible to do a highlight, but you CAN use the book shelf and get an important item.

Q: What means Diccuric?
A: Diccuric is deduced from the Latin saying "Dic cur hic" and means "Find your destiny" (Decide, why you are here).

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