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Wed 23 Feb 2005

Today, it is our third birthday. When we (Harri, T-Monk and me) started, we planed just a small extention to Gothic. Now we already released two mods with a complete own world and an own plot and get them into different languages. Overall, we are working at our own game.
Moreover, we opened a small fanshop.


Sun 30 Jan 2005

It's time for a small update. You can find two new concept arts at the download section (thx Roberto). At the engine, we are currently working at the 3d ex/import tools, physics and watereffects.

36 Kammern

Fri 24 Dec 2004

After some newsless weeks, there are some. First of all, there is a release of a birthday edition of Gothic 1 in Russia, which includes a completed localised version of Diccuric. Boxshots of the box are in the Diccuric section. As the English public beta is out since some weeks, I'm still waiting for more feedback. It would make bugfixing more easily.

Today, there is also a sad news. Our trial Miracle had to leave our team out of personal reasons. We wish you everything good for your future.

Since some days, we have to new domains: http://www.diccuric.com and http://www.diccuric.org. Please change the links on your homepages.

Let's come to the news about our game. The developping is going on fine, the programmcode gets bigger and bigger. To give you some more technical background, I report today some things about the sound. We are using Open AL for the sound implemantation and use Ogg Vorbis where we need compressions, e.g. the music. I can't report you more today, but there will be more infos about that in the near future.

Last but not least, I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Sun 24 Oct 2004

Last thursday, we started a public beta test of the English translation. For those, who are interested, go over to my posting at the rpgdot forums. Have fun and please give us some feedback for bugfixing the translation. All you need to know should be in this posting.


Sun 5 Sep 2004
Many of you already realized, that we moved to a new server. The both forwarding addresses www.tagmt.de.vu and www.diccuric.de.vu are already changed. For those using the direct link, the new entry is at http://www.my-cocktail.de/diccuric located and the forum at http://www.my-cocktail.de/diccuric/phpBB2. It seems, that the forum will be inserted again in the design, when the the redesign of the homepage is finished. In near future, the url will change again, when we have our domain. If something of the homepage isn't working, please contact me per mail.
Furthermore we say goodbye to HornOx and we wish him all the best for his future.

Mon 14 Jun 2004
Currently, our English translation is going on very slowly. To speed it up, Jaz asked me for some more translators. So please contact me per ICQ (45085729) or E-Mail (markus@vill.info), if you would like to help to get the English version as soon as possible released.

Wed 5 May 2004
Today, I updated the homepage. The German game mag PC-Action gave as the award "PC Action Super-Mod", the article (German only) can be read on the Diccuric subpage, thanks for the award and that we can offer the article online. The English translation is going on well, I think, that you won't have to wait for a release a long time.
Some team things:
Felix "FDX" Orinsky has left because of personal reseaons. We wish him good luck in future and hope for his support as a freelancer.
There are two new guys Daniel "DaNe" Neubert entered our team, Karl "goth-like" Wolf is a new trial. Welcome in the team!

Sun 29 Feb 2004
This year, we mist again our birthday (at 23.2). But there is a simple reason: We weren't able to finish Diccuric soon enough. But today we finaly released the German version. So after 2 year of development you can get it, the international version are in the translation status, but I can't tell you, when they will be finished. So if you can speak German, jump over to the German page, read the details and get Diccuric at World of Gothic.

Wed 18 Feb 2004
Yesterday I fixed the English homepage again. Some parts were outdated (like the downloadsection) and the link to the Russian page wasn't inserted.
The German version of Diccuric is near to completation, our betatester got the release candidate 1 today. I fear, that you must still wait a bit more, until the translations are finished, but our translators to English and Russian do their best.

Wed 31 Dec 2003
We wish you a happy new year 2004! Next year, we will release Diccuric.

Wed 24 Dec 2003
The whole team wish you a merry X-Mas!

Sat 15 Nov 2003
I've got some bad news. I fear, that we cannot release this days, because some things went wrong. Now we hope to release the German version before X-Mas. The English translation will start soon, but I can't say, when it will be finished.

Mon 3 Nov 2003
Today, I uploaded the Russian version of our homepage. Thanx to Romashkin for the translation of it. He will do further translations, when the homepages changes (and he translates our mods to Russian). I put some highlighting files on the German download page, but I didn't put them on the English one, because I don't know, if there is any English speaking guy out there, who wants them to have...

Sun 5 Oct 2003
Today, I fixed the English page, so that it is up-to-date again. I don't know, why this was forgotten, when the last screenshots were inserted. Moreover, we found some speakers and we look forward to the co-operation. Alex has returned to us and will help again with the scripting. Welcome back!

And there is a news, that you all were looking forward to: We plan to release the German version in 6 weeks, so the international version should be out soon after.

Mon 15 Sep 2003
Sorry for posting this news, but my mail client destroyed its database and I was unable to repair it. So I lost the saved e-mail addresses. I know, where I can get the most important ones, but I lost the one of Romashkin, the translator of the Russian versions. So I hope you read this post and drop me a line, so that I can contact you. Thanx. :-)

Tue 19 Aug 2003
FDX is not a trial any longer but a team member. And we've got a new homepage design.

Mon 28 Jul 2003
I think, today is fine for another update: The development is going on good, the new surface is growing and there are new screenshots. For those, who haven't left for them, we have some more news: The scripting of the main story is nearly finished, but I'm still working on the finetuning, I create new sidequests and some quests, which where planned for the second part of Diccuric, but I think, that some will be playable in the first part.
Moreover, a Russian version of Diccuric is now planned, Romashkin will do the translation.
As you may now, that I'm doing the most of the scripting and I don't know, how long I can continue this intesive work (and also to get more sidequests), we are looking for another scripter. We want someone, who plans to work with us together and not someone, who just wants to learn scripting and then does his own stuff. When you are interested, please contact me.

Sat 21 Jun 2003
There's another update today: Our guestbook is online again and I've found some screenshots, that we never inserted correctly in the homepage...so go and take a look. The next thing is, that I fixed the English page, so that it isn't outdated anymore (that happens, when others also change the homepage without telling me...). Some parts of our mod are leaving the alpha status and get the beta status (but I still can't pretell, when we will finish the development).
Last but not least, we have a new Trial, Felix Deluxe. Welcome in the team!

Sun 25 May 2003
Today, we installed a new forum and closed the guestbook. We think, that a discusion is more easy in a forum than in a guestbook. The mod is still developping fine and in the next days, there should be some more news (e.g. screenshots).

Thu 17 Apr 2003
Today, it is time for an update again. I've added two new screenshots in the screenshot-section. Moreover, I updated the FAQ and added some things. I know about the problem of the table in the team-section and I try to fix it.
Besides, we have missed our first birthday...well, some short things about our beginning: At the 22/23.2.2002, Harri and me founded the team and Alex (TechnoMonk) joined some days later. At this time, we planned to add some quests to Gothic I. But some weeks later, Andi (36k) joined the team, and the idea of expending Gothic I changed to create an own story. Since this time, some guys had joined the team, some of them left it again and since some time, we are working on an own surface. Before short, Alex had to decide to concentrate on his reallife and so, he is inactive for the next time. (maybe, I'll write a detailed report in the FAQ)

Sun 9 Mar 2003
Perhaps you have seen it already, but I'll post it anyway. So first of all, we have got a counter again. The next point is, that new screenshots are online, the English screenshot page got it own translated version of the picture of no selection and I reorderd the screenshots of Diccuric. Last but not least, the creation of Diccuric is still on its way, but we can't say yet, when will be ready for the release.

Sat 1 Feb 2003
There are some news again and it seems like I must bring them to you English speaking guys again.:-) The news were written by HornOx in German and I translated them and added some things. So don't worry, you are also informed about the progress, it's just some hours later...
So, first of all, there are two releases for Gothic II. Well, they aren't great things, but you will propably be interested: HornOx created an English translation of the Gothic II Demo with a translation machine (Diccuric will be translated manually for a better result) and he created a nude patch for Gothic II. I don't know, if it's going to work with the international version as we could test it only with the German one.
The next thing is, that the log files of our apache server shows, that several sites links to us, even a Russian one. I (Moe) would be glad, if you inform me about such articles. If those sites are interested, I can add them to the linklist here.
Last but not least, we've created a first alpha version of Diccuric. As the version is far from the completion, this Alpha is non-public. We are trying to optimize the scripts and such things with this alpha. So just get the Gothic II demo and the translation and play it to shorten the time, until Diccuric (and Gothic II outside of German speaking countries) is released.

Sun 12 Jan 2003
Now, you can download the Testmod again. It is avaiable now from our server, too. So feel free to download, if you haven't done yet.

Sun 5 Jan 2003
The TAGMT has a new member. - Saiyayenkee! His job is to create vobs, quests, dialogues and meshes. A big "Welcome" from the Team, Saiyayenkee. Have a lot of fun with working on the mod!

Tue 24 Dec 2002
Something was since its release always forgotten, so I decided to post now a news: In the Downloadsection, you can find a BlueSky patch for Gothic. I think, that the name says everything about it, so I won't describe it. The Amateur Gothic Modteam wish you all out there a merry Christmas!

Mon 23 Dec 2002
After we had to remove our old design out of the web, I had taken myself a lot of time and created this new design. I hope you'll like it. I also used the redesign to add some new catagories and to clean up the old ones. I hope, that we will never take the homepage offline again and wish you fun while you are looking around! Perhaps, there will be some fine tuning on this homepage in the next days, so don't be surprised, if its looking changes a bit.

Fri 6 Dec 2002
Today, there is only a litte update: We have changed our server, both old ones were too often down. The short URLs should lead to this server here as soon as possible. In the Modsection, you can now read something about the story of Diccuric and in the Teamsection, our trials and freelancers are listed and the Teamsection itself is now English, I forgot to translate it last time.

Thu 7 Nov 2002
Finally, our English homepage is online. So look around, inform your self about our mod. As we want to see our mod in more languages as German, we are searching translators. If you want to aply as a translator, you should speak quite good German, but you need not to know anything about the Gothic script language. Now look around and enjoy the pictures of the mods, get and play PTP or write something in our guestbook.

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